ABS Recycling

ABS Recycling

(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)


ABS is extensively used in the manufacture of inexpensive, durable products. The durability of ABS has made it a primary material in the manufacture of products such as, computer housings, televisions and computer monitor housings, automobile components, etc.


As virgin ABS is somewhat expensive, recycling ABS is economically very attractive. Recycled ABS can be blended with virgin material to produce products with lower cost while preserving the high quality.


ABS is recycled by first shredding used plastics to produce shredded plastics. After this step, metals and undesirable plastics are separated from the shredded plastics to produce separated plastics. This separation process is often accomplished by using a water system with different velocity water streams on top of each other. After the material composition of the separated plastics has been analysed, the recovered ABS can be blended with virgin ABS to produce a desirable recycled plastic.


Heathland searches to recycle plastics, including ABS, in ways that are best suitable for people and environment. Recycling happens in-house and at partner companies in Europe and/or Asia. Since the market for plastic recycling is very international, often it is difficult to keep track of how and where scrap plastics are recycled. Heathland works with partners who are qualified, have sufficient certification, and have set quality standards for the circumstances in which plastic materials are processed. This way, the company can keep as much control as possible on the circumstances in which it’s plastics are recycled. If you are interested in this way of recycling, whether your company is a collector, manufacturer, servicer or end-user, please contact us for possibilities.